In 1982, Michael Young founded Classic Management Inc. with a commitment to delivering excellence in housing, and a unique perspective on property management.

In Michael’s view, residents deserve quality living spaces, and something more. Residents also deserve a level of service that improves their complete housing experience.

Today, Classic Management is one of Philadelphia’s largest privately owned property management companies, operating seven apartment complexes in the city’s northwest neighborhoods. Our focus on resident satisfaction-on improving residents’ quality of life-extends throughout our properties, and out into the surrounding communities. We’re proud of the programs we’ve developed, and the effort that Michael and our staff of 30 make every day to serve our residents.

Through our Educational Donations

Classic Management founder and CEO Michael Young, along with his wife, Sue Young, established the Michael F. and Sue E. Young Foundation to provide high-achievement inner-city students with scholarships to the Philadelphia area’s more prestigious high schools. The Foundation has enabled many advanced students to overcome the financial obstacles to receiving a quality education and fulfilling their potential. Michael and Sue have been active in supporting educational programs for disadvantaged youth since 1996.

Through the Foundation’s involvement since 1997 with Inn Dwelling Youth at Risk Program — a Germantown-based, church-affiliated program reinforcing academic and social skill behaviors — Michael and Sue have sponsored over 15 students for scholarships. All of those students have succeeded in their new learning environments, graduating high school high honors and with many receiving full scholarships, to many prestigious universities and Masters Programs, including DePaul, U of P, Wharton and Harvard Law!

Business Leaders Organized for Catholic Schools

Since 2009, Michael has been involved with BLOCS , currently serving as Vice-President. BLOCS programs and funds support 90,000 elementary, secondary and special education students in the area, many who are non-Catholic and/or minority students. BLOCS’ mandate is to provide personal and professional life skills to youths, and in turn to provide the business community with a strong and competent workforce.

Friends of St. Martin de Porres, Board of Directors

On August 30, 2010, the Friends of St. Martin de Porres School Board of Directors finalized a ground-breaking agreement with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to assume the leadership and future financial sustainability of St. Martin de Porres School. The agreement was called “a future model for the success of our inner-city Catholic schools.”

Located in one of the most economically depressed and crime-ridden areas of North Philadelphia, St. Martin de Porres School has served poor and minority families for over 100 years under the guidance of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Ninety-nine percent of the School’s 400 students are African American, many are non- Catholic and many come from families living below the poverty line. Without support, neighborhoods like these can’t sustain a Catholic school. Yet for the children of these neighborhoods, an education holds the greatest hope for their future.

With the Friends’ pioneering model, children living in these neighborhoods can still get a great education. And instead of facing the threat of decline or closing as an urban Catholic school, the outlook for St. Martin de Porres School and the surrounding community looks bright.

2012 Independence Mission Schools Founding Board

Building on the success of the St. Martin dePorres model, Independence Mission Schools (IMS) was founded. It is the umbrella organization that oversees 16 independent private Catholic schools currently operated by individual parishes under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The Mission Schools encompass more than 4,100 children from pre-k through eighth grade, from low income, underserved neighborhoods in Philadelphia. The Mission Schools will be under the control and stewardship of a centrally managed, entrepreneurial organization, which will bring good business skills and practices to each of the schools, as well as financial resources. Independence Mission Schools represents a new and dynamic model of urban education, combining the best attributes of a Catholic education with lean, entrepreneurial business management practices and academic accountability.

Our overriding commitment is not just to assure the sustainability of the Mission Schools. Just as important, IMS intends to raise the academic bar to maximize the opportunities for all students in schools under the IMS umbrella. These schools will be educating children to become successful citizens of their communities. And IMS will track the progress of these students once they leave these elementary schools, and follow them through high school on to college or vocational programs. The success of IMS will be measured directly by the success of its graduates.

The mission of IMS is to sustain and enhance great schools that encourage and prepare each student – regardless of faith or financial circumstances – for the challenges they will face as teenagers and in the years to follow.