Our Community Investment and Involvement

Classic Management Inc. and its staff care about the future of Philadelphia. Through our business practices, and through staff members’ personal contributions, we strive to help develop the communities surrounding our properties. We look for opportunities to support local economies, to ensure safety, to create more desirable shopping, and to open doors of opportunity for the deserving disadvantaged.

Here’s how:

It starts with the living spaces. We want Classic residents to feel proud of their homes. That’s why we invest continually in the aesthetic value of our buildings’ units, amenities and grounds.

We also want our residents to feel accommodated-that their convenience is a priority. That’s why we provide 24/7 repair maintenance, supported by communications technology to ensure prompt service. And because of our rigorous hiring, training, and employee satisfaction programs, residents also benefit from highly skilled, enthusiastic technicians.

At Classic Management, we don’t distinguish housing from community. That’s why we work with community-based businesses and organizations to help develop thriving, friendly neighborhoods for our residents to enjoy. We invest in our properties’ communities by supporting local retail, hiring neighborhood sub-contractors, and devoting time to educational programs.

At Classic Management, we describe property management in broad terms. It’s about material quality. But it has to start with a focus on the welfare of individuals-our residents, our employees and our neighborhood partners. We believe property management is really about the building and maintenance of a Classic Living Experience.
In addition to our apartment complexes, Classic Management owns, leases and manages a variety of retail properties. We believe that easy access to consumer necessities is an important part of what makes a neighborhood desirable. We keep our complexes fully leased, clean and well-maintained to give local residents accessible convenience shopping and reduced transportation.
When Classic Management needs to sub-contract maintenance work, or purchase supplies and services, we look first to the local business community. We prefer contracting and partnering with service providers and vendors based in the communities of our complexes. We view local partnerships as an important investment in local economies. We believe that feeding local economies produces thriving, active communities.


To learn more about Classic Management’s commitment to our communities, please contact us.