• All plastic containers including plastic tops and lids;
  • plastics #1-7;
  • metal including tin & aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans, empty paint cans;
  • glass jars & bottles;
  • mixed paper including newspaper, magazines, mail, phone books, food boxes (remove plastic liner), computer paper, flyers, wrapping paper (no foil or plastic wrap), soda and beer cartons (no food-soiled paper);
  • empty flattened cardboard.


  • Metal including aluminium foil, pots/pans, paper clips;
  • glass such as light bulbs and window glass.;
  • mixed paper including hard back books, tissues, paper towels, napkins, wax-coated cups or containers, food-soiled paper, file folders;
  • plastics such as styrofoam, plastic bags, PVC pipe, packing inserts;
  • chemicals, rubber, wood, ceramic or porcelain plates or cups

For additional information, visit Philadelphia Streets Department Recycling information